Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Santa's sexy helpers

We proudly present to you Santa's sexy helpers. From right to left: Welpie, Nadja and Nic ( also helpers from Saki Galliazo the designer of H@S). They proudly present to you two new groupgifts from H@s: the shoes from Welpie and Nic and the dress with the white jacket.
On the last picture Nadja is looking as if she is aware of the Santa sleigh behind her and wants warn the two others to prevent them to get an accident. Could be that Santa will be distracted by what he sees. The picture in the middle shows you the view point from Santa. Nice back part as you can see.
You can find the presents near the entrance under the Christmas tree. Group join needed, but group join is just 10ld, very affordable. New to me are the lucky chairs on the square. Don't forget to try your luck. The chairs are for group members.
Nic is wearing hair, a necklace and a fur for her cold hands: presents at We<3 RolePlay ( ends 31st of december). Nadja's hair is from Monso at Uber ( till december 23rd). Nadja is wearing  other shoes from H@s. The hair from welpie from Stealthic was at C88 ( the round just ended). Her jewelry is from Rozoregalia.
In the distance you can see trash bins from MeshIndia. The Sleigh is from !!FOLLOW US!!

Dress and white jacket: H@s - H@S Groupgift  Dec16 (free/ gg/ group join 10ld)
Shoes (on Welpie and Nic) : H@s - H@S Dec 2016 Group gift - (free/ gg/ group join 10ld)

On Welpie:
Hair: Stealthic C88 nov - Stealtic -erratic Hair Black+White (NEW)
Necklace and earrings: +ROZOREGALIA+*NORNIR*NECKLACE1
On Nadja:
Hair: [Monso] at Uber -  [Monso] My Hair HyunA/Mixed
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo - Endless Pain Tattoos - Geisha
Jewelry: Lucas Lameth ( former Earthstones - Earthstones Dallas Diamond Choker,Bracelet and Hoop earrings (not a vailable anymore)
From inventory: shoes (Grace) - H@s
On Nic:
Hair: EMO-tions at WLRP- .:EMO-tions:. *MARTHA  *  naturals (free)
Neck belt: =Zenith= at WLRP - =Zenith=Leather NeckBelt (all colors)(free)
Muffler:Salt&Pepper at WLRP- WLRP - Gift by Salt & Pepper (free)

Santa sleigh - !!FOLLOW US!! - !!FOLLOW US!! - New santa Claus Big Sleigh
Trash Bin with snow: MeshIndia - MI Winter Decor Gacha
Pose: Purple Poses - PURPLE POSES - Friends 75
Pictures made near the H@s shop
Bye bye, Nic

i wanne feel the warmth of your body ( Arcade gifts)

No man around and the body of the unicorn she couldn't reach closer in this cold. She is going to use the fireplace to get more warmth. A blogpost with sexy mini dresses is difficult in this winter time. But the dresses are worthwhile for you to wear inside a home or when dancing in sl.
The pink dress is from monaLISA at marketplace. Comes with a color hud. I like the black version also very much. The beige dress is from the Women Only Hunt 2 (dec 3 to 24 , 2016). Find a blue snowflake. I am showing 2 dresses in one post because there is so much these days, that i want show.
Under the Christmas tree at The Arcade are lots of presents. On the pictures you can see the necklace with flickering lights, the pink shoes and the sweet sleeping huskies. When you have a home in sl , don't forget to place them near your front door. The fireplace (resizeable) and the rack with the tools for the fire is a gift from MeshIndia for the Kitty cats calendar. The wood with snow is from the wintergacha from mesh India. So cute: the designer never saw snow in his real life and then making those super made winter items. Realy top!
Nic's boots are from Rowena's designs.

Pink dress: monaLISA - -mL- Glynis Dress (Maitreya/PHYS/HG/3Belleza)
Shoes: Empire at Arcade - #EMPIRE - Cranesbill (free)
Necklace ::ChicChica::: at Arcade -  :::ChicChica::: Season of Giving (free)
Beige dress: shine by [ZD] - shine by [ZD] - YES THIS IS IT! (free/ for WOHunt)
Boots: Rowena's Designs - part of {RS} Laryn Coat, Skirt & Boots with hud

Decor: Wood logs with snow: MeshIndia - MI Winter Decor gacha (60ld each try)
Fireplace: MeshIndia  in Kitty Cats calender - MeshIndia Kittycats Gift 2016(free)
Huskies: JIAN at Arcade- JIAN Holiday Huskies Gift
Car with tiny reindeers:[[RD]] at Arcade - [[RH]] No more sledge !! 9FREE (free/ see below)
Bench: [noctis] - [noctis] Medusa bench curved
From inventory: Pillows - Kalopsia
Pictures made at Enchanted Isle 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

listening....i wanne hear ALL about you

Listening in love with all attention to what moves you in life. Your ups and downs. The silly and funny details. That's the way to know you. That's the way we feel a strong bond.
They went for the sleigh ride as proposed in the post before this one. And it was romantic. I think they didn't see the surroundings at all. Totally  absorbed in each other.
Both wear a groupgift from Prey. Nic the blue padded jacket. Tjip the bodywarmer. I found out that tjip could wear a sweater with shirt from American Bazaar ( an old gift)  under the bodywarmer. He is still wearing the pants from Prism from the POEHunt. And he is wearing shoes from Hoorenbeek from the Kitty Cats calendar. Made them a bit darker to match the outfit.

LM's i add later. Many sims were invalid at the moment.

Nic is wearing:
Jacket: Prey -PREY - Ladies Padded Jacket - Blue (free/gg)
Pants: *ZD* - *ZD* Liv Jeans Black
Hair: BesomxReign - BESOMxREIGN~Nordic Bombers*Natural Ombres*

Tjip is wearing:
Body warmer: Prey - PREY - Men's Vest
Pants: Prism  POE hunt - Prism #006: Prism Designs for Men (free)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek for Kitty Cats - [ hoorenbeek] Kitty Cats gift ( free)
From inventory: Hair- Ink

Decor:sledge - Floorplan and Consignment - Floorplan and Con. Sleigh bed/plaid
Pictures made at: The Enchanted Isle
Bye bye, Nic