Wednesday, October 1, 2014

baby on the rocks

Baby on the rocks. A bit dangerous, but she has her place under the sun, where she will not be disturbed. She placed her own chair there, a gift from f8f. You get the chair with and without a blanket. The chair and blanket both can be recolored with a menu. Nic is wearing one of those complete boho sets from Vips Creations. Tunic dress,bag, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses are all included. The legging is from another shop. You can ofcourse wear the set without legging for more sunny days.

Total set: VIPS Creations -Female Outfit - Boho Style2*
Legging:  -{moSmo}-  -{moSmo}- Low Vintage Leggings {Envy} (10ld)
Chair: f8f - 8f8 - Back to School Chair(free)
From inventory: Hair - Catwa(Kim)
Pictures taken at: Daydreams,The Colder Water

Bye bye, Nic


A beautiful present the Tokyo sweater, a group gift for group from Eaters Coma. Nic wears again the hair from little bones from the No 21 event. Every 21st of the month brings a new round of No21 with 21 of the best designers around the grid bringing you some amazing goodies. It will only go for 21 days.
On the last pictures Nic shows again the motor jacket from chronokit. There are so many possibilities in the hud. And i am so happy with this set. Nic wears the jacket on a jeans from chronokit. The hair is from Iren. Wit a menu you can recolor the cap. Isn't she sweet, cool and relaxed?

Tokyo sweater: Eaters Coma for creation JP group - Eaters Coma -Sweatshirt / tokyo for (free)
Pants first pictures: chronokit - *chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants Black
Hair: little.bones at No 21 - little bones. Girl - Ombre&Roots
Hair with cap: iren - [ iren ] Afternoon_mixed (New)
Jacket with shirt: chronokit - *chronokit* Motorcycle Jacket 02 Navy
Pants: chronokit - *chronokit* Slim Pants blue denim
From inventory: espadrilles - Miel; fusion boots - Kapone; sunglasses - Kapone
Pictures made at: seni seviyorum

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

no internet

Yesterday i had no internet. The provider had problems. No tv, no internet and no phone. So weird.
I had already clothes in my mind to show to you, but i had to be patient. Then in the morning it was ok. But i had to go to work.. and now in the evening i finally can make my blogpost.
No long explanation, because it is late and tomorrow i need be at the airport at 5.30 to pick up an important family member .
The short hair is from little.bones at an event No 21. I tell you later more about the event.
The long hair is the new groupgift from little.bones. You get a fatpack.

Outfit first pictures: Blue Couture -  BLUE COUTURE SWEATER/MINI SET CHEETAH BOX(free)
Dress third picture: Toxic Candy - {TC}dress Josy gift
Dress and jacket and shoes: Blue Couture - BLUE COUTURE  SILK PURPLE  COAT BOX ( sl frees&Offers gift )(free)
Short hair: Little.bones at No. 21 - little bones. Girl - Ombre&Roots
Long hair: little.bones - little bones. Feline - FULL GIFT(free)
From inventory: Shoes first 3 pictures free at Warwick ( showed before); Necklace - BSD
Pictures made at: Daydreams, The Colder Water

Bye bye, Nic