Monday, August 3, 2015

relax sista

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Where's  mah soul sista. Lemme hear ya'll flow sista ..Hey sista, go sista, soul sista.
They are just sweet  sista's, these two. relaxing at a super place. This sim is so beautiful. They like to spend their time there. Won't you come over soon guy and spend a good time with us?

Nic went to the Mesh Body Addicts Fair. Runs from 1st August to 21st August. I expected all sorts of mesh bodies.  But stupid me that wasn't so ofcourse! All sorts of items like clothes, lingerie  eye-make up, shoes and more you can buy there. And lots of gifts.
Nic shows a top and shoes and Nita shows  pumps and a scarf from the Fair. I love the top with the veil.You also can wear a bra under it, but i wanted to wear it a bit sexy.
The hair from Nic is the  openings gift from Zalea ( former ChiChikie). The hair from Nita is the august gift from Besom. The cute minion is the latest gift from Zenith ( 2 sorts you get).
On the fair Nic bought the beautiful not so expensive tattoo. The shorts from monaLisa you can find on marketplace. This is one from a fatpack. Also possible to buy shorts apart. The shorts from Nita are a dollarbie at marketplace.
Last but not least the groupgift from ZD. With a colorhud for more possibilities.

On Nic: Top: Tchelo's at MBAF - Tchelo's Top Satin & Veil (free)
Sandals: Essenz at MBAF - Essenz - Trinidad (White) (MBAF Gift)
Shorts: monaLisa - -mL- Ene Shorts - HUD 27textures
Hair: Zalea ( former ( ChiChikie) Zalea Hair - Fiona - Grand Opening Gift Pack
Nails: !TLB at MBAF- !TLB - Summer Hues Slink Nails - Gift (free/ scroll see below)
Minion: Zenith - =Zenith=Summer mimion (Group Gift) (free)

On Nita:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - GROUP girls agugist 2015 (free/group join free last 24 hours)
Eyes: Amacci - Amacci Zenith Eyes ~ Twilight (free/ wearable demo)
Top: *ZD* - *ZD* Mandi Top Mesh (free/ groupgift)
Hair: Besom - *Besom~Genesis gift (free)
Scarf: *LX* at MBAF - *LX* From Lex with Love (TMP)(free)
Pumps: Masoom at MBAF - [[ Masoom ]] MBA Gift Box
From inventory: Jewelry - Lazuri
Pictures made at: shooting stars 

Bye bye, Nic


Sunday, August 2, 2015

where are the boys?

You better shape up, ..'cause I need a man ..and my heart is set on you.
You better shape up, better understand my heart I must be true.

The girls on their way to the boys...They took the huge American car to go after them and then stopped at this beautiful place. Both in fifties look in opposite colors. Updo hairs from mimpi, a groupgift. The dress from Nic was at the Midnight Mania at monaLisa. Now gone, but you can buy the dress at marketplace. It has a hud with several colors. Nic got the shoes at a lucky board in the monaLisa shop. Many lucky boards there and many gifts. Group join is 50ld. The black dress is from Blasphemic.

Group join 7 deadly skins free now for 24 hours

On Dancer:
Black dress: BLASPHEMIC-BLASPHEMIC petticoat dress -(10ld)
Shoes: Luz - LUZ - Sabine high heels - chocolate -( free/ mm/ every time another item)
Hair: mimpi - mimpi* group gift-01(free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Mandy ( free/ lucky chair)
On Nic: White dress: monaLisa - -mL- Bettie Dress (fitmesh)- HUD 11 colors ( was free in MM) now marketplace
Shoes: monaLisa - -mL- Bella Shoes (slink high feet)- v1 (free/ group join fee 50ld))
Hair: mimpi - mimpi* group gift-01 (free)
Jewelry: Lazuri - Lazuri Classic pearl Set ( free)
Pictures made at: Bella Pace 
Bye bye, Nic
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

dance... that makes you love me more

Dance, in the old fashioned way..Won't you stay in my arms?Just melt against my skin
And let me feel your heart
Don't let the music win..By dancing far apart..Come close where you belong..Let's hear our secret song
Dance in the old fashioned way..Won't you stay in my arms?..And we'll discover highs...we never knew before
If we just close our eyes..And dance around the floor..That gay old fashioned way..That makes me love you more

Nic is longing to dance with......
She shows the new groupgift from D!va. It is because the shop has been renewed and the group has reached 50.000 member. Last month it was 6 years ago that she opened her hair shop. Always loved the D!va hairs. This gift contains de Iris hair and dress. 

Dress and hair: ""D!va"" - ""D!va"" 6th Anniversary & 50,000 group menber celebration gift (free)
From inventory: Tattoo- White widow; Leg Tattoo - infected; jewelry - lazuri; Shoes- promagic

Bye bye, Nic