Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Nic is visiting a fleamarket. She is wearing a knitted top from a free set from Ever an Angel. The set comes with a pencil skirt. The back side of the top is a bit open. In the shop are also 3 presents 24 hours free!!!! They are between the normal collection. The vendors from the presents are upside down. No group needed. 24 hours started on 20-10-2016 ends tomorrow night 21th.
The jeans is a release from monaLISA at marketplace. Comes with a good colorhud. Nic is wearing a necklace from Aisling from the Good Gorean Hunt. You need find the letter "G". Hint is: i am lost between gifts.
From the Kustom9 anniversary again a few gifts, that i want show. The bat ring from Zenith, the bag from Lowen, the shoes from Momento and the hair from Mina. Nic's pose with autumn notebook is the new subscribe-o-matic gift from Label Motion ( 4 books included)
You see on the pictures two ottomans from Circa from the enMESHed into Fall hunt. Hunt for the prizes  in the mainstore. Find a black bat. Hints found at the entrance from the store.
The green table, the round green stool,  the books on the table and the wheel with lights are from the fantasy event GENRE ~Theme: the writer HP. Lovecraft (Oct 15 - Nov 12) Bring some imagination to your space with these new pieces full of fantasy and vintage appeal.  Great as a gift since all the pieces are transfer! During the event, the items are $50 to $100 per pack (will be $100 to $450 after the event) and exclusive.

Knitted top: Ever An 'Angel - Ever An' Angel - Softly - Blush (free)( and in the shop 24h,  3 other items free)
Jeans: monaLISA -  -mL- Charlene Jeans (Maitreya/3Belleza/2SLink/2Tonic/TMP) - HUD (NEW)
Shoes: Momento at K9 -Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - Momento (9ld)
Bag: (Lowen)  at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (Lowen)
Hair: Mina at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (MINA Hair)
Ring:  Zenith at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (=Zenith=)
Necklace: Aisling - .aisling. Alyse Set GG hunt ( free)
Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG - TIW Vintage tattoo pack MAITREYA / BELLEZA / SLINK (free)
Pose: Label Motion - Label Motion - My Autumn Notebook *Subscriber Gift (free)
Green items with tentacles: Circa at Genre - [CIRCA] Blogger Pack -GENRE ~"Cthulhu in the Sea"
Ottomans ( and more in the gift) : Circa - [CIRCA] Blogger Pack - enMESHED Hunt Prize - Dia De Muertos Set (free)
From inventory: top - Blueberry ( free/gg)
Pictures made at Flux sur Mer.
Bye, bye Nic
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Yummie because of all the delicious things in this blogpost. Watch Nic's necklace and ring from [Black Bantam] ( close-up below), a 9ld gift for the anniversary of Kustum9. Yummie! Then the delicious ice cream benches from unKindness at the Candy Fair. As the designer says:" I only have one thing to say about this right here. And it's "Omnomnomnomnomnom!" I totally agree. From Kustom9 are also the sweater( 9ld gift) and the skirt i bought there. Both are from Kitja. With the skirt i also bought a new sweater there from Kitja also very good. On Nic's shoulder you can see the groupgift from KiB Designs ( also in purple). The spiderweb earcuffs are Twe12ve exclusives from !IT! Twe12ve is a monthly event starts the 12th of every month running through the last day. Each month is themed after the season with a word. I love Nic's hair from Truth. A bit the same style as the hair from LeLutka, that i bought yesterday ...wild and loose. Around Nic pupkins with pup's from UnKindness in the epiphany gacha. The shoes are from Empire, a present at The Season's Story

Sweater: Kitja at K9- Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - KITJA (free)
Skirt: Kitja at K9 - KITJA - Roxie Skirt GREY (NEW)
Shoes: Empire at TSS - #EMPIRE - Gerbera - silver - *LL* (free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Randa -  browns
Necklace and ring: [Black Bantam] at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (Black Bantam)(9ld)
Earcuff: !IT! at Twe12ve - !IT! - Spiderweb Ear Cuffs 1-6 Twe12ve excl (NEW)
Shoulder pet: KiB Designs -KiB Designs - My Darky Pet - Halloween Group Gift(free)

Icecream benches: unKindness at Candy Fair -uk - Ice Cream Sammich Benches - Candy Fair (NEW)
Pumkins with dogs: unKindness at Epiphany- uk - Pupkins Halloween Gacha - Epiphany
Lovespell book: Bueno at K9  - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - BUENO (9ld)
Pictures made at : Flux sur Mer

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

close the door behind you....

Close the door behind you... A bit a basic subject isn't it? 

Well i stop doing philosophical and am going to describe what you see on the pictures. Nic is wearing a new release from !GO!. A nice warm set for wearing outside in the wood in autumn time. Many colors available. The set  is a dress a sweater with open backside and a scarf. Every piece you can buy apart. The necklace with acorn is from the Season's Story as well as the huge purse bag, the grey pumpkins and the birdhouse. The white vintage screen is a groupgift at [what next}. I told you group is not free, but joining is worthwhile.

Hair: LeLutka - .LeLutka.Clarice hair.Brown 
Wrap: !gO! - !gO! Mirela wrap - Set 6 (NEW)
Sweater: !gO! - !gO! Mirela sweater - Currant (NEW)
Bag: [sYs] at TSS - [sYs] PURSE Bag (Rigged) - brown *TSS GIFT*
Choker: (*::.who what.::*) at TSS - (*::.who what.::*) - Acorn Ribbon choker *TSS GIFT*(free)

Pritty Potty - Pixel Mode - Pixel Mode Pretty potty
Screen: {what next}- {what next} Vintage Screen Group Gift (gg/ free/ but group join fee)
From The Seasons Story: 
Window frame: Brixley at TSS- Brixley - fall window frame *TSS GIFT*
White/grey pumpkins: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] at TSS -  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pumpkin Autumn Decoration (free)
Bird house: Kalopsia at TSS - Kalopsia - Hazel's Bird House (free)
Fireplace grate: (SAYO)at TSS - (SAYO) - Chevron Fireplace Grate *TSS GIFT*(free)
Old pictures in frame: nefarious.inventions at TSS -*nefarious.inventions -tintypes *TSS GIFT*(free)
Fall Jars: -mint- - -mint- Fall jarrs ( 1ld)
From inventory: Boots and socks - Maitreya; Pocket pet- Birdy; sabre toothed squirrel - zOOm (old huntgift); squirrel with hazelnut - AAA sculpty creations
Pictures made at Pale Moonlight
Bye bye, Nic