Monday, June 27, 2016

broken ( SLB13 - presents from all events and hunt)

On the broken bridge she created a good spot to relax. Will you come and join her?
Nic is wearing a soft wollen summer cape from Hilly Haalan , SLB13 present for Tres chic. Her shoes are from ChicChica for the Fantasy Collective. Hair from Elua for Kustom 9. Around her you see more SLB presents, but also some presents from the outlet from floorplan: French plates, a canvas board  with love texts and the milk bottle with a cow. Nic planted some daisies in it. The drink in her hand is from Artisan Fantasy, a groupgift. Below is the close-up from Nic's rings. The handfull rings are from Plastik and come with a menu with many possibilities for metals and stones. The silver ring with stone is from Avaway.

Cape : Hilly Haalan at Tres Chic Venue for SLB13 - [hh] GIFT Shia Poncho for Tres Chic (free)
Shoes: ChicChica for SLB13 at    The Fantasy Collective -:::ChicChica::: Natasha Croco (free)
Pants: Bens Beauty - Bens Boutique - Umay High Waisted Jeans - Hud Driven ( gg/50ld)
Hair: elua for SLB13 at Kustom9- +elua+ - SLB13 Piece of Cake (Mao_Darkbrown) (free)
Rings: Plaskik at TFC- :[P]:- The Worshyp Ring Sets Plastik
Silver ring with stone: Avaway  at TFC - Pink_FLOWER FAIR ring (also earrings) ( free)
Fan: *Figment* - at TFC - *Figment* Decadent Fan with hud (free)
Collar: [Tia] at TFC - SLB13 Piece of Cake [ TIA] Joia collar  with animations for roleplay BDSM(free) - update ( open collar 6 TRANSMUTER) with more animation here
Champagne: not so bad at The Mens Dept - SLB13 Piece of Cake champagne not so bad (free)
Drink: Artisan Fantasy - *AF* Limeade Group Gift (free/gg)
Sidetable, vintage book, coffee: [No Concept] for SLB13 - [No concept] (free)
Music box: Aela at sim Electrify - *DT* Lindele Music boxA present from Aeala...Hunt gift (free)
Set food on the ground: 8f8 - 14 8f8 Primavera in Toscane
Milk/ board and plates: floorplan at discount shop - each piece 1ld
From inventory: bag- Shey ( was groupgift/ may be still there)
Pictures made at Voile
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 26, 2016

feel the warmth on your nose

A walk on a tropical island ... feel the warmth on your nose and the fresh spray of water from the waterfall and the watering can.
Nic is enjoying her trip in her new dress from !gO! from Summerfest'16. Many beautiful colorful textures you can buy. It was hard to decide. I completed the dress with red lily's and a necklace and the sun visor from Nic's inventory. The shoes from Illi are a SLB13 present at Tres Chic Venue The hairs from Ayashi are from  the SLB13 presents at The Fantasy Collective. The crate with pillow is from the SLB13 presents at The MensDept as well as the blue water bottle. The cute little backpack is part of a groupgift at Gaall. Nic is watering her palm tree with a watering can with pose, a Subscribe-O-Matic gift  from Nantra.

Dress: !gO! at Summerfest'16 - !gO! Sunny dress - 5 (NEW)
Shoes: ILLI at TCV  for SLB13 - ..::ILLI::.. SLink Ennovy Espadrilles (free)
Hair: Ayashi at TFC - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mizu hair-Anime set (free)
Bottle: AITUI at TMD - AITUI Voda water bottle (free)
Crate: revival at TMD - .:revival:. wood crates ( 2 sorts  and color hud)  (free)
Backpack: Gaall - part of groupgift GAALL* Komic@ outfit bag (free/GG)
Watering can: {Nantra} - {NANTRA} Watering - Free Gift (free)
From inventory: Lily's  and nacklace  - shops are gone
Pictures made at: Skye Glas

Saturday, June 25, 2016

her child's backpack ( Seraphim anniversary/ SL13b Hunt/ SLB13 at The Fantasy Collective)

She must bring the  forgotten backpack to her child. Walking to the school on these killer heels  from monaLISA will be a bit difficult i suppose.

Hanging on the porch  you can see starfish picture frames from Unkindness. In the frames you see pictures from Rineke Dijkstra, a famous dutch photographer. See more from her at google. Her pictures in the museum are huge and raw and impressive. Her photos are confronting, because they can exhibit  the emotional state in which the person on the picture is. Best known she became with her series Beach Portraits, in which she has managed to capture the complexity of adolescents.
I took some of those beach photos for the frames from unKindness.

For you it is important to know, that you can get the frames at the Seraphim Anniversary Party, which will be running on June 25th. Where they will be having DJs and free gifts from an awesome list of designers. 1:00 PM till 11.30 PM (SLT time) here.
At The Fantasy Collective i gathered my  SLB13 presents yesterday. You see the beach pin with flags from Serenity Style, the necklace from 7mad;Ravens; milk bottles from Knick Knacks.
From the SL13B hunt ( at sim Electrify) are:  the backpack  from Rockstar Couture and the Doberman with the  red fire hydrant.
Summerfest'16 is running from june 18th - july10th. I couldn't withstand to buy these hairs from DeLA there. The frozen banana with chocolate Nic got at a stall from Commoner. Yummie! Nic's dress is from the june Luxe box from Tee*fy

Starfish Picture frames: unKindness at Seraphim- uk - Starfish Frame Sets - Seraphim (free/ see info in the text)
Hair: DeLA at Summerfest'16 -  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Elora" Reds (NEW)
Frozen banana:[Commoner] at Summerfest'16 -  [Commoner] Frozen Banana (free)
Dress: Tee*fy from the Luxe Box( june) info here.
Heels: monaLISA -  -mL- Queenie Heels (Maitreya/Belleza/SLink) - HUD with 20 textures (NEW)
Milk bottles: ::KKs:: at TFC  for SLB13 - ::KKs:: cena sotto le stelle ( free)
Necklace: 7mad;Ravens at TFC for SLB13 - 7mad;Ravens SLB necklace (free)
Beach pin: Serenity Style at TFC for SLB13- Serenity Style - Beach Pin gift SLB13 (free)
Doberman and fire hydrant: BioBreeds at Electrify SL13B Sim -BioBreeds Free Sl13B Gift (free)
Bumblebee Backpack: Rockstar Couture at Electrify SL13B Sim - SL13BIG Hunt Gift-Rockstar Couture
From inventory: poses from AO from Tuty's and imeka; cardigan  last picture -tram
Pictures made at: Neva River Village
Bye bye, Nic

Ups he is peeing against the fire hydrant ;)