Monday, May 23, 2016

you're once... twice... three time a lady

Thanks for the times that you have given to me.
When we are together the moments i cherish., with every beat of my heart. To touch you, to hold you, to feel you, to need you.....

She is wearing three different dresses for different moods, but she is always a lady.
See below for the front side of the black dress.
The nails are from Silvery K at the new round of the Creators Collection Box. Be aware: the nails fit only for the slink elegant 1 hands. They are unisex. Close up below. You can wear them with and without the rings. During the event 50% off.
For the Alien Gizmo gift you need go upstairs at  the VIP part of the shop.
The jacket from Ricielli is with a shirt bit it fits perfect under the dress. The golden bag has 2 poses and one non pose possibility.
For N-Uno there is 100ld group join, but you get more group gifts and have the possibility of many lucky boards and the MM.

Black dress: !Rebel Hope Designs - !Rebel Hope - Amy Mesh Gift Dress (free)
Black short hair: Dura - *Dura-Girl*64 (Black)-BLK (NEW)
Nails: Silvery K at CCB (May. 21th- June. 21th) for slink elegant1 hands!!! - *:..Silvery K..:* Claw of SilverCross (NEW)
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. at Tres Chic Venue - .::Nanika::. Night cat Gift (free)
Golden bag: villena and Eclat at Tres Chic Venue - .:villena:. & Eclat Gift (free)
Beige dress: Alien Gizmo - Alien Gizmo's Gift May 2016 ( 3 textures) (Free)
Jacket: Ricielli - Ricielli - LOVE MOMMY HUNT 2016 ITEM#20 (15ld)
Red bag: N-Uno - N-Uno - Leather Bag // Red (LB/ free/ group join fee)
Green dress: N-Uno - N-Uno - Stella Outfit // Green (GG/ NEW/ free/ group join fee)
Necklace: GizzA at Tres Chic Venue - GizzA Vintage necklace (free)
From inventory: Black bag- E-Clipse ShantalBag Black; Hair - Analog Dog (Carmella)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

choose! strawberry soda or fresh orange juice ( anniversary from Tres Chic Venue)

We celebrate again an anniversary in sl. This time the anniversary from Tres Chic Venue. Again nice presents to show you. Nic is showing from the anniversary: hair, a tray with fresh orange juice, a short necklace and earrings, a pose, sunglasses, a bag and a headphone. The bag has a color hud. The strawberry soda is a gift from Poche in the  Poche café . Watch on the table the tray with plants and glasses.That is the total gift. Nic is wearing a new release from !gO! The side of the skirt is a bit open and has cute lace parts. You get the dress with the feather necklace. The pink one is in the weeks of the new release 50% off.

From Tres Chic Venue( taxi here)
Sunglasses: Petite Mort- Petite Mort- Lennon round specs (free)
Tray with orange juice: Aphrodite - Aphrodite Summer Orange Juice tray (free)
Pose: = Fashiowl Poses - = Fashiowl Poses = Birthday Gift //(free)
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: - ::C'est la vie !:: Blanche bag (Tres Chic Gift)  (free)
Hair: :::Phoenix::: - :::Phoenix::: Hair Chloe Gift (free)
Short necklace and earrings: [hh] - [hh] Tres Chic Birthday Gift (free)
Headphone: TUKINOWAGUMA -TUKINOWAGUMA Gift  with hud (free)

Dress: !gO! - !gO! Fiona - 8 (NEW)
Strawberry soda tray: Poche  - poche Early summer strawberry soda (free)
From inventory: Moccasin boots - Maitreya
Pictures made at: Poche
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, May 21, 2016

country living gacha ...where is my mind?

click small picture to enlarge for a full scene from a part of the countrylivin Victorian skybox
Well  Nic's mind was busy with decorating with items from the country living gacha  from unKindness at the Gacha Garden. If you play 20 times the gacha from unKindnesss. You get 20 gacha items and 1 gift ( called the seeds of inspiration/ it is the windmill clock) The Seeds of Inspiration are no copy/ yes transfer just like a regular gacha so you are free to keep, trade or sell them as you’d like.
After the event ends The Seeds of Inspiration are retired and will never be made available again.
Nic has been a hard working blogger decorating with all the beautiful items. I had 4 hours in the sandbox to create the scene and make the pictures. I couldn't link all so i had to work hard. But decorating is so cool. I used several items from Nic's inventory too, for a personal touch. Some are gifts at The Chapter Four.
The sweet dress is from La Gazza Ladra at the Instruments ( many colors you can buy). I took this color so Nic could show you her sandals from Essenz from the Enchanted Hunt.

Dress: LGL at the Instruments - ~LGL~ Hedonistic . (Mint) Strap summer dress (NEW)
Shoes: Essenz for the Enchantmenthunt - Essenz - Tucson (Mint) Enchantment Hunt Gift (free)

unKindness at the Gacha Garden:
Kitchen chalks, rolling pin rack, chair ( plaid blue and pink), windmill clock( seeds of inspiration), wagon wheel ladleier, linnen for the windows (several colors), water trough table, countrylivin Victorian skybox (rare)

Pixel Mode : lounger, bird cage, floor lamps, rug, step ladder
Shutter Field: planters, small cupboards, a stool with books, wreatch with candles, candles, tray with  garden stuff, hanging plants with white flowers,grass in tin planter.
Jian: planters with zinnia's
Kalopsia: the ladder lamp,
Apple Fall at Fameshed: *AF* Gerbera Daisy Vase (free)
ionic at The Chapter Four:  - ionic where is my mind? frame (free)
[Kunst] at The chapter Four Palette art 'my always' (free)
Poche:  Lemon tea and cheese cake  ( there is now an new gift/ early summer strawberry soda/free)
Sicky Sweet:  tray with tea. ( shop is gone???)
Circa: Hanging basket with yellow flowers ( was a sales item)
C&D Designs: merigold planter - sunset pink
From inventory: Hair - Besom (Debrossi); blue bag- Tentacio; cats - Le Poppycock; poses -Imeka; tidy up basket -Y's house
Bye bye Nic