Friday, November 17, 2017

yes i hear you

A quick post because of busy times in rl. Nic is showing you a set that i found at the H@sTag event for the very affordable prize of 10ld. You get the jeans the top and the heels. Nic is wearing a waist shirt, part of a set  from Jana&Littles SL World. The sternum owl tattoo is from Red Girl Tattoo at the H@sTag just for 25ld. There are more low prized tattoo's there. For example a lotus sternum tattoo for 15ld.
The male portrait  from Anda below i add here for the males who want a bit an older look. I helped Anda with this bento head and skin. The free bento body and head, that he got wasn't a success for him. It was to difficult to get his familiar look back.
This is no free bento head. Often males find it more difficult to get used to the bento head. This is an easy way to get a good look. The head is from Catwa..called Justin. You can buy an expensive version with many add-on's ( for example for mouth movements ) or a  basic version. You need not have all to get a good look. The skin is from  Nivaro, called Odin, with Catwa applier, skin tone Polar Bear.With a grey, black, blond or red hairbase, brows and beard. Comes with a face scar version. The hair is NEW at  the Mens Dept  Event from Dura. Comes in a long and a short version.
Because the Catwa head was nearly as Anda's former non bento head it was easy with the sliders to do some little changes and there he was again.
Isn't he a handsome older male?!Tjip is very jealous because of this  beautiful look of Anda

Nic is wearing:
Outfit: Cassandra Couture at H@s Tag - Gift Spotlight - Estela [ Cassandra Couture) ] (10ld)
Tattoo:Red Girl at H@s Tag- [RG-SPOT] OWL STERNUM TATTOO (25ld)
Waist shirt:Jana & Littles SL World -JL- Umina Outfit (HUD)
Bangles: [kosmii] at On9 - [kosmii] Gift  (free)
Bento rings : Slipper - Slipper Deidra MMM November ( old Midnight madness gift/ now normal prize)
From inventory: Hair - Wasabi Pills ( Erika); eyes - IKON, body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; phone part of a pose from Frimon Store

Anda is wearing:
Head: Catwa - CATWA HEAD Justin [Basic Head] (900ld)
Skin: Nivaro - -Nivaro- Catwa Applier 'Odin' - Tone 02 (Polar Bear)
Hair: Dura at TMD - *Dura*B81-DARK (NEW); eyes- from the Catwa head; glasses from an outfit from paul polo
Pictures from Nic taken at Green Story
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Rain

Yesterday i told you about a challenge from the We Love To Blog  group. The theme for november is November Rain. I made grey pictures from rain and lightning at the beach. I met Oxi there and he told me about this other rainy sim. For the challenge you can send in two pictures so here are again rainy pictures. And again i am in doubt about which picture of the pictures below, will be for the challenge at Flickr. Scroll and click to enlarge.

Nic is wearing hair again from the HairOlogy Event. The top and the camo pants are a gift at the 68 Main event from Finale Couture. The necklace i described yesterday, but here Nic is showing it. It is in the package from HUDSON's with the black pearl necklace, a new release at HUDSON's. The jacket is a well know jacket from COCO. Its in a sale part of the shop. There are items for 30% till 70% on sale. May be also interesting for you to get something what you always wanted, but couldn't afford then. Although it's an old mesh item i am glad with this jacket. I wear the large size to go with the top.

Nic is wearing:
Top and camo pants: Finale Couture at 68 Main Event -  Finale Couture Regan - Khaki(free)
Hair: {Limerence}at HairOlogy  - {Limerence} Sona Hair (free)
Jacket: *COCO* - *COCO*_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_SageGreen ( in SALE)
Key necklace: HUDSON's - My Pearls Black Jewel Set  *COPY*~ By Candace Hudson (NEW)
From inventory: Boots - ROC; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ

Mihaly is wearing:
Outfit (jacket/ pants and shoes): FashioNatic - FashioNatic Cinder male outfit
Hair: no.match - no.match_ ~ NO_KISS ~ Pack of BROWNS

Pictures made at: Green story
Bye bye, Nic
Picture for the challenge
 or this one?

Monday, November 13, 2017

every day it will rain, rain, rain...

Wow i won the second prize in a photo challenge from the We Love To Blog group. I am flattered. The theme was autumn. This is my winning picture. The new theme is november rain. Well if something is more appropriate at the moment, then it's that theme now. Rain, rain and again rain in rl at the moment in the midst of november. I went for picture making to a sim where i could expect rain ( Gale Storm Retreat). The beach was as empty like a rainy beach has to be. Rain was falling and lightning shadows in the clouds. Nic was looking for an umbrella to sit and watch the waves in a contemplative mood.
But then a friend, a very good friend from Laura, suddenly appeared near me on the beach searching for nice beaches for his "walking together hud". I described that hud here some time ago. So Nic's moment on the beach was not such a sad contemplative one. Nic was also enjoying her new clothes, jewelry and more.

On the first pictures Nic is wearing a nice top with a see-through part, a new release from Arcane Spellcaster. She is wearing it on leather pants from Shey from her inventory. If you don't want spend much for a black leather pants then go to Ricielli and search between all the old hunt gifts. Nic is wearing jewelry from Hudson's, the My Pearls Black Jewel Set ( new) and the My Pearls Black Bangle set with a Bento ring ( sale prize 59ld!). In the jewelry set is also a necklace with a key. The Cat's Meow headphones are a new released exclusive from !IT! at the Twe12ve november round. Many huds available.
The hairs are again ( see post before this one)  from the HairOlogy Event. From [RA] Run Away Hair and from *TKW* Tukinowaguma. The heels are a present from Shoenique Designs at the 68 Main Event.
The neckholder(a one-piece) is a groupgift at [NyDesign]. Comes with a hud for several colors for the top and the pants. I like the silky glow of the top very much. There are more group gifts and also lucky boards in the shop.

Top: Ak Creations - Gracy White Silk *Arcane Spellcaster* Ak Creations (NEW)
Long hair: [RA] at HairOlogy -  [RA] Sophie Hair - Recolored (free)
Jewelry: HUDSON's -  HUDSON's New Jewels Nov 11 2017 (NEW)
Bracelet and Bento Ring: HUDSON's -My Pearls Black Bangles Set  *COPY*~ By Candace Hudson ( sale prize/ 59ld)
Headphones: !IT! at Twe12ve - Cat's  Meow Headphones ( NEW)
Short hair: *TKW* at HairOlogy - Tukinowaguma Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift (free)
Neckholder suit:[NyDesign] -[NyDesign] Group Gift - Sandrine Suit (3 Colors) (free)
Shoes: Shoenique Designs at 68 Main Event - **SD** Black Chinablu Heels BSM ((free)
Pictures made at: Gale Storm Retreat
From inventory: head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; leather pants - Shey

Bye bye, Nic
My flickr picture for the November Rain Challenge
Click picture to enlarge
or may be this one

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tokyo Grill ( so many gifts at events!)

↑sake drinking↑
↑the smoking place↓
↓the waiting room in the background↓
↓the entrance↓
It was a busy sl weekend. I was behind with all sort of events and it was Midnight Madness weekend too. But i managed to go everywhere and pick up many beautiful things. On the first pictures Nic is wearing a dress from the Midnight Madness ( will be 50ld in the last Chance round) from L'Enfant Terrible. Her shoes are from BREATHE, a gift at FaMESHed ( in many colors)

The skirt and top (and shoes/not shown) on the last picture is from Swag at the Grab Event ( till 24th of November).The bracelet and the daisy choker are from !IT! for the Boho Fair/ but now in the main shop.
The hairs are from the birthday of Hairology. Many hair presents there. The first one is from KoKoLoReS  and the second one from Damselfly. Both with Huds.

You see Nic in and around the Tokyo Grill House made with items from the gacha from unKindness at the 6 Republic Event. Canada vs Japan is the theme this time.  Event open till 20th of november. I rebuilded a house from unKindness from an older gacha to make a cosy small grill house. But in the Tokyo gacha is a building ( the rare gacha item). The commons are: Chef's Grill Table, Chef's Table Stool, Bar Table, Bar Chair, Bamboo Planter, Metal Divider, Wood Divider, Screen Divider, Hanging Lamp,Chopsticks Centerpiece, Restaurant Sign, Waiting Bench, Food spread , Onion Volcano. The bamboo Fountain is also a rare.
In the corridor near the official entrance of the Grill house is a gift from unKindness for the L'Homme readers group.

On the table in the waiting room (with the long leather bench) is an ornament from Purple Moon at the 68 Main Event. At that event you can find good quality gifts from Finale Couture, Chop Zuey, Shoenique and  Chiffon too.
The calendar with sexy retro pictures for each month is from Kraftwork, a gift at FaMESHed
All sakura items are from Silvery K. The crab on plate is from Kaerri

Nic is wearing:
Dress: .Enfant Terrible. for MM - .Enfant Terrible. Daisy Silky MM Gift (now last chance / 50ld)
Shoes: [BREATHE]- at FaMESHed - [BREATHE]-Melena Heels-FATPACK (free)
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] at Hairology - [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Kiana - Hairology 2nd Anv. gift(free)

Skirt/top and shoes: [RNR] Swag at the Grab Event - [RnR] Swag Cabana Outfit (free)
Bracelet: !IT!  - !IT! - Margaret Bracelets 1(in the main store on monday)
Choker : !IT! - !IT! Daisy's Choker 9 (now 60ld in the main store/ first room)
Hair: Damselfly at Hairology - Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift-damselfly (free)
From inventory: Phone - SHI (old gift) ; body - Maitreya; skin -LAQ; head  LeLutka; pose last picture - Le Poppycock

Tokyo Grill items: unKindness at 6 Republic -  uk - Tokyo Grill Gacha - 6Republic (gacha/ NEW/ each play
Bamboo table set: unKindness for L'Homme - uk - Bamboo Table Set - L'Homme Gift
Calendar: Kraft Work at FaMESHed -KraftWork 2018 Calendar . Fameshed November Gift (free)
Glass Dome - *PurpleMoon Home * at 68 Main Event -  - *PurpleMoon - Glass Dome Pumpkins Table decoration*(free)

From inventory: Building - Modern Retreat from  unKindness ( rebuilded by myself), stairs on the second picture- unKindness ( old Smokem gacha); sakura items - Silvery K; crab on plate - Kaerri.
Pictures made at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, November 10, 2017

when i grow too old to dream...

 click small pictures to enlarge

Well i hope i never grow too old to dream. Dreaming is what i do here in sl. I do this when i make my scenes and when i am busy decorating and when i am with friends. But the text of the old song is sweet.. when i grow too old to dream..i have you to remember...and when i grow too old to dream ...  your love will live in my heart. Oh sure yes then i take all the good memories with me also those from sl.

I decorated the upper room in the Scarlet Creative moderno house ( from the luxe box some time ago) and made a nice room for drinking coffee there. The Fifty Linden Friday coffee ( in red or cream with log tray and can and a winter star version with chocolate) i could buy exactly in time for this. The soft couch with cushions and blanket is from the gacha from Mesh India. Also the soft elephant head and the palm leaf frames and the hanging plants are also from that gacha at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room. Some other items are from Pixel Mode: the round coffee table, the side table behind the couch and the lamp. The wooden animals are all from chronokit. The lace curtains are from a gacha from Cherry House. The fireplace is an old gift from Spargel&Shine home. I unlinked that fireplace and then linked parts to get a pot with flowers and candles to use elsewhere. Even the tiles on the floor were a part from the fireplace. I am always happy when i can use parts from something, that i got.
Now about the gorgeous dress from ISON. I bought the dress at this round of Collabor 88 and i am so happy with it.The hair is from little.bones (with styling hud and the possibility to use baby hairs  or not)

Dress: ISON at C88 - ISON - nora velvet pleated dress (black)(NEW)
Earring: NanikA at GG - Nanika flo earrins ( free)
From inventory: hair (Elle)  - little.bone; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; Skin - LAQ; fringe booties - REIGN

House: Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative  Moderno House ( was from Luxe Box)
Coffee: {what next} Sierra Kettle & Mugs - Red (flf/50ld))
Coffee: {what next} Sierra Kettle & Mugs - Cream (flf/50ld)
Couch and more: Mesh India for CSR - MI Kandy Decor Gacha (new/ gacha/ 65ld each play)
Wooden animals:  chronokit - *chronokit* WoodCarvingAnimal[Gacha]
Fireplace: Spargel&Shine - Fanny's fireplace ( old gift)
Lace Curtain: Cherry House - Cherry House Courtyard hut gacha nr. 5 (gacha)
From inventory: side table, coffee table and lamp (Holton) - Pixel Mode; basket - Zerkalo;
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, November 9, 2017

soooo cold

click small picture to enlarge

It's so cold. She isn't prepared for that. Still in her top brr. But the boots are warm.
Nic is wearing a top from fame femme  and hair from Analog Dog, both gifts  at the Gacha Garden. The skirt is from Hilly Haalan. I like how the two front parts cross each other.You can see this the best on the small picture. Click to enlarge. Comes with a large texture and color hud for just 100ld. The boots are from Zenith. Thanks to Thaya Sapphire who helped me to find them. Nic is wearing stockings ( appliers) from Blushed.
Watch the cute cart with snow. Nice when you go decorate your sl home place for the winter. So go and get it at the Gacha Garden for free.

Top: fame femme at GG- fame femme : Bell Top - Black (free)
Hair: Analog Dog at GG - *AD Gift - leiette (free)
Skirt: Hilly Haalan - [hh] Raspberry Skirt with hud  (promo/100ld)
Stockings: Blushed - Blushed seamed pantyhose with appliers
Boots: =Zenith= - =Zenith=autumn long boot with socks (Black)
From inventor: head - LeLutka; skin - Dulce Secrets; body - Maitreya; hair bang - Truth; pose KoKoLoReS

Cart: "Moon_Sha" at GG- "Moon_Sha" Handcart White - Snow (free)
From inventory: snow balls - Kalopsia
Pictures taken at: Elvenshire 
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

first frost


First frost in rl today and first frost on the pictures in sl.
It's a quick post because of busy times in rl. Nic is wearing a set from I.M. Collection, a new release in the mainstore. In a few colors available. Love this color because it gives the skirt a sort of leather look. Nic is showing you a hair from the gacha from pr!tty for the Chapter Four. Each play 75ld. It's the november round. Ends december 1st. Plenty of time to go and look around. Always worthwhile.
The necklace is a new release from Nord Embel'lys, the Tresor Astral set. Comes with a hud. You can change many parts in 3 colors( yellow gold, white gold and pink old) Available are also earrings and bracelets. The skin is from Dulce Secrets. Nic is wearing  the Cardamon skintone. I show the plain version.. Nic isn't using any makeup., but you get lipstick and eyeshadow in the package.

Outfit: I.M. Collection - I.M. Collection JHud Orange (NEW)
Necklace: Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  Tresor Astral Set (NEW)
Skin: Dulce Secrets - ::DS:: Jade Cardamom Skin (NEW)
Hair: pr!tty at TC4 - pr!tty - Girim - :Short: - [Browns](gacha/ NEW/ 75ld each play)
From inventory: boots - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; Doves - {anc}; Spaniel - JIAN
Pictures taken at: Mystical Fae Forest, Elvenshire
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 6, 2017


Those leaves in the wood! They can ruin your new shoes. One leaf got stuck in the studs from her shoes for example.
The dress and shoes are from the Halloween hunt at Ricielli. Ricielli hunt items are always long time in the shop. That's great! Every item 15ld.  On the board in the shop you can see what you can get. The shoes come in black and beige. Nic is wearing her new groupgift hair from Truth. Members can also go to the shop to get 250ld credits. Truth is so generous.

Here follows now a message from Laura about a 1ld mesh body:
"You would like to have a mesh body but you don't want/can't afford to spend all that money? How about 1 L? Ebody - has set out a 1 L version - a very good one.
It has limited features -  you can only alpha "big" parts of the body, no bento hands, no possibility to use appliers but - it has very nice skins and slink compatible feet.
You will find "ebody" fitted clothes -even many free ones-  in stores  but usually classic mesh works well with it, using a little alpha.  The advice is, get the CLASSIC version, not the curvy - unless you are planning to spend your SL wearing only the underwear that comes with it (it could work well as a bikini too so if you are a beach bunny...) because the curvy ebody is almost impossible to dress!
If you really like curvy, you could get that one as well (after all, it's only 1 more linden lol!)and then wait for clothes to be made for it (it only just came out)."

Here you can get the 1ld Mesh body from E-Body!

Shoes: Ricielli- Ricielli - Halloween HUNT 2017 # 18
Dress: Ricielli - Halloween HUNT 2017 #3
Hair : Truth- TRUTH VIP October - Makena
Leaves on the ground: Lil'Bug at Gacha Garden - Lil'Bug Pile Of Leaves Gift (free)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka; dog - JIAN; bracelet - [BREATHE]

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, November 5, 2017


click picture to enlarge
She is busy with decluttering the bedroom. Toys from her children, flower leaves, diamonds from their magic bowls. And doing this she is wearing a sexy, from the back side extra sexy, bodysuit from ::Una:: for the Kinky event. In five colors available. You get also a version with a see through top part. You see that one on the last picture. In the fatpack are more colors available. The robots are from Mesh India, a new release for the Gacha Garden. You can win single robots but also the robot gang with three robots. Presents from the Gacha Garden are: again Nic's hair ( see post before this one), the flowers on the wall, the flower leaves on the ground and on the bed, the bowls with diamonds and the bracelet ( blogged before already). From Mesh India is the tv with cloth from an old gacha, available in the mainstore.
Nic's tattoo was at Twe12ve. But in the october round. I was so busy with my Halloween posts that i forgot to blog this one. My appologies. But the good news is, that there are several 10ld tattoos in the shop (also for on your arm).  I hope the designer will put this tattoo also there.

Credits: taxi to Gacha Garden (GG): here
Bodysuit: ::UNA:: at Kinky Event - ::UNA:: Astralbody  (NEW)
Hair: pr!tty at GG - pr!tty - Aliya - (free)
Tattoo: Juna - Juna: Eule tattoo Woman (10ld for male and female was at Twe12ve (event over but the shop has 10ld tattoo's  and groupgifts and a dollarbie gift and Lucky boards)
Bracelet: [BREATHE] at GG - [BREATHE] october bracelet ( free)
From inventory: eyemake up and nails ( see post before this one/ alaskametro/free); head - LeLutka; body - maitreya; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins

Decor: Flower on wall: *AF* at GG - *AF* Burlap Sunflower (free)
Bowls: C L A Vv. at GG - C L A Vv. Bowl of Magic (free)
Robots: MI at the Gacha Garden - Mesh India Tin Robots Gacha(gacha/ each play 45ld)
Flowers: Cherry House a GG - 19.Cherry House-Harvest season-a-Two-color purple flower-gift (free)
From inventory: tv - Mesh India; for the other items go to L2 Studio and edit all.
Pictures made at L2 Studio
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, November 4, 2017

lazy Nic (Gacha Garden presents)

 click small picture to enlarge

We (Nic on the pictures and me in rl) are lazy.... or better say.. not lazy, but just a bit tired. So it took some time untill you got this new blogpost. But i have lots of things to show to you. Today i went to the Gacha Garden ( advise from Laura) and picked up many gifts. Nic had to go to decorate with those gifts, but she didn't, all is just laying around her. She is just drinking her tea.
Nic is dressed in a nice set from I.M. Collection, the striped blouse and the brown pants.The necklace is also from the set. Not shown are the shoes from the set. Nic's  shoes, hair, bracelet, bento ring (picture 3) and the owl necklace ( see picture 2) are all from the Gacha Garden. The shoes have a nice bow at the backside. The hair has also a wavy option.
Nic's nails and lipstick are from a hunt at The Free Dove from alaskametro<3. Between the hunt gifts there is also lingerie (applier).

Striped blouse, pants and necklace ( heels but not shown here) : I.M.Collection at Fashion Dazzle  - I.M. Collection Aisha Set  (NEW)

Taxi to the Gacha Garden (GG): here
Hair: pr!tty at GG - pr!tty - Aliya - [All Color Huds] (free)
Bracelet:[BREATHE] at GG -[BREATHE]-October Bracelet (free)
Ring:*AvaWay at GG - *AvaWay* YELLOW Sindy RING (free)
Owl necklace: Cae at GG - Cae :: Owl :: Collection (free)
Shoes: Essenz at GG - Essenz - Barcelona (Rust) TGG Gift (free)

Lipstick: alaskametro<3 at The Free Dove - "Vintage gloss" lipstick unpack HUD (free/hunt)
Nails: alaskametro<3 at The Free Dove -  "Vintage Coral" nail polish appliers (free/hunt)
From inventory: skin  7 Deadly s[K]ins ; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; glasses - Fishy Strawberry (old)

Harvest and fall sign: *DD* at GG - *DD* Fall Harvest Gifts (free)
Heart and love sign:GOOSE at GG - GOOSE - Wooden love signs (free)
Marble plate: [zerkalo] at G - [ zerkalo ] Marble Firmness - Big Plate - GIFT(free)
Tinware: 22769 at GG - 22769 - Tinware - Free Gift (free)
Sticky-Note Pad : .TeaBunny at GG - .TeaBunny. Sticky-Note Pad (free)
Roses ( at the plate): Yokai at GG - Yokai - Roses - GIFT (free)
Puppets: Bang! Figures at GG - Bang! Figures : Final Legends Bag - (GIFT) C.O.R.P. Figures (free)
Long Fall decor: * Chez Moi at GG - Wooden Fall Decor * CHEZ MOI (free)
Planters: Chic at GG - Abandoned planters by chic (free)
From the scene: Industrial coffe table - Shutter Field; origami on the table - {-Maru Kado-}; rug - LISP; sofa - Soy. ; books - Thistle; tea cup- Kusshon; dog - {anc}
Pictures made at: L2 Studio
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, November 3, 2017

it's friday and it's a happy friday

It's a good friday in rl with sweet app's and a good day to relax day. In sl Fifty Linden Friday. I am a fan of FLF. This friday i took 3 items. The hammock and the egg chair from Consignment and the sneakers from Miel. Good old Miel.. in the beginning of my SL time it was a shop that i loved. The sneakers have two huds. One for the color and one for the letters. Nic wears her name letters NL. Those are the letters of my country too, the Netherlands.
Consignment designs are also always super. Loved this hammock already before and now just 50ld! The hammock and chair have nice animations and lights.
I hope you are in the Addams group and went to the shop to get the coupons at two days around Halloween. You get discount with the coupons. The coupons are valid till 15th of november. I bought the varsity jacket and the turtleneck top with the coupons. Nic's black leather pants are from the lucky chair at Just 4 Fun. Thanks to Laura for the tp.

Jacket: Addams - Addams // Letter Old Jacket // Pink ( bought with coupon)
Top: Addams - Addams // Turleneck Sleeveless // Light Grey (bought with coupon)
Pants: Just 4 Fun - J4F Giorgia  outfit black (free/ LC)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - CHANTAL GG november
From inventory: Hair - Mina; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Chair: Consignment - [Con.] & Kuro - Starboard hammack dark (FLF/50ld)
Hammock: Consignment - - [Con.] Egg chair (FLF/ 50ld)
Pictures taken at my home location
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

back to the comfort zone

After the Halloween posts it's a relief to be back at my comfort zone. I love to show you two elegant dresses. The tawny shoes from Gos Boutique come with the gorgeous tawny dress. I always had the idea, that the group join from Gos was high, but it's free. I discovered this, when i went there for the sale. And today i discovered the dress in the package of the shoes. Nic's soft pink dress is a gift at Vision. There are two groups in the shop, for this dress take the free group. The necklace is new from !IT! for the Designer Circle.
Nic's skin is the november group skin from 7 Deadly Skins. I added more soft colored brows from LAQ, because with the blond hair it was a better combi. The skin has darkbrown brows. I love the subtle beauty spots on the skin.
The hair on the first pictures is a groupgift from lovey dovey, a fatpack. You need pay 100 ld group join. The other hair is the  new groupgift from Truth. Many possibilities with the styling hud.

Tawny shoes and dress: Gos Boutique - [Gos] Boutique - Bardot tawny Group Gift (free)
Soft pink dress: (ViSion} - (ViSion} -*Dress Estelle // Group Gift (free)
Necklace: !IT! at Designer Circle - !IT! - Designer Circle #166 excl (NEW)
Hair at first pictures: Lovey Dovey - Lovey Dovey :: Jenna :: Group Gift <3 (free/ group join fee)
Hair Last picture: Truth - TRUTH VIP October - Makena (free/ group join fee)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins -r7 Deadly s[K]ins - CHANTAL GG november ( comes also with a shape (free/ group join fee )
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; doves - {anc},
Pictures made near the Lovey Dovey shop
Bye bye, Nic